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Ecological Lawn & Garden Car Reference Books

Building a Healthy Lawn: A Safe and Natural Approach
Stuart Franklin, Jeff Silva, Deborah Burns
Storey Books, 1988 ISBN: 0882665189
Common-Sense Pest Control: Least Toxic Solutions for your Home, Garden, Pets and Community
William Olkowski, Sheila Daar, and Helga Olkowski,
The Taunton Press, 1991
Down-To-Earth Natural Lawn Care
Dick Raymond, Ben Watson (Editor)
Storey Books, 1993 (154 pages) ISBN: 0882668102
The Chemical-Free Lawn: The Newest Varieties and Techniques to Grow Lush, Hardy Grass
Warren Schultz
Rodale Press, 1989 (194 pages) ISBN: 0878578013
The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect & Disease Control: A Complete, Problem-Solving Guide to Keeping Your Garden & Yard Healthy Without Chemicals
Barbara W. Ellis, Fern M. Bradley R
Rodale Press, 1996 ISBN 0875967531
Handbook of Successful Ecological Lawn Care
Sean D. Sachs
The Edaphic Press, 1996 (290 pages) ISBN 0963605313
How To Get Your Lawn & Garden Off Drugs
Carole Rubin & Friends of the Earth
Cavendish Books Inc., 1989
Natural Pest Control: Alternatives to Chemicals for the Home and Garden
Andrew Lopez
Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1998 ISBN: 0962976849
Ortho's All About Lawns
Warren Schultz & Marilyn Rogers
Ortho Books, 1999 (96 pages) ISBN: 0897214218
Safe & Easy Lawn Care: The Complete Guide to Organic, Low-Maintenance Lawns

Barbara Ellis (Editor)
Houghton Mifflin Co., 1997 ISBN: 0395813697
Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for Environmental Harmony
F. Herbert Bormann, Diana Balmori, Gordon T. Geballe Yale
University Press, 1995 ISBN 0300061978
Weed Control Without Poisons
Charles Walters
Acres USA, 1999 ISBN 0911311254
Biological Control of Insects and Mites: An introduction to beneficial natural enemies & their use in pest management
Daniel L. Mahr & Nino M. Ridgway
University of Wisconsin (Madison) Publication 481, 1993 (91 pages)
Home Safe Home: Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Everyday Toxics and Harmful Household Products in the Home
Debra Lynn Dadd
Putnam Publishing Group, 1997 (384 pages) ISBN: 087477859X
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