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Frequently Asked Questions....
Do I have to sign a contract?
No you do not have to sign a contract.
Can I stop my service at any time?
Yes you can stop your service at any time. You must use kellylawn.com to
qualify for weekly or every-other-week pricing. One time visits will be billed
at a higher rate agreed upon before service is provided.
What if it rains on my scheduled service day?
We will be out on the next available cutting day.
What should I do if I don't see KellyLawn crew on my usual cutting day?
Because we can be delayed by a number of different reasons (weather,
employee illness, equipment issues) we can run slightly behind at any
given time. If KellyLawn has not serviced your home within 48 hours of
your normal cutting day, please call 704-377-2352.
Please note: all questions regarding service calls need to be raised during
the week of your normal cutting day. The customer agrees that questioning
whether a service was performed at the time of billing is too late.
What if I want the lawn cut lower or higher?
Please give us a call and let us know this is your preference after you have
seen our work once or twice. We suggest that cutting be done at
approximately 3.5 inches(our standard cutting height), to prevent damage
to the turf and to discourage weed infiltration.
What if I want trimming around beds cut lower?
Please call and notify us if it is your preference to cut the trim and general
weedeating lower after seeing our work over a few cuttings. We suggest
all trimming be cut to approximately the same height as the lawn (3") to
prevent damage to turf and discourage weed infiltration.
What if I am not satisfied with the quality of work?
Please call 704-377-2355to discuss any problems regarding the quality
of services performed by KellyLawn crews. Your request for service will
be addressed in a timely and professional manner. Please note, the
customer agrees that all quality concerns will be discussed within
48 hours after services performed.
Are there any areas of my property that KellyLawn will not service?

KellyLawn will not service within planting beds to avoid damaging plants.

We will not weedeat directly against trees, fence posts, wood siding,
swing sets, wire fences or any other surface that may be damaged by
direct contact with the trimmer line. We will not trim around air conditioners,
cable connections or use the weed eater to trim weeds from cracks in
cement or asphalt. Damage to property or person could result from such
activity. May we suggest using Roundup to treat weeds in these areas.
How can I pay for KellyLawn services?
If you are the homeowner you can open an account with kellylawn.com and
be billed at the end of each month. Invoices are sent out two to three days
after the end of the month. Payments are due by the 15th of the following
month ,that is 15 days after the date in the upper right hand corner of your
invoice. You can choose to receive your invoice via E-mail or by US Mail.
A credit check will be required for customers opening an account who do not
own the home being serviced.
If I open an account, how and where should I send payment?
Please send payment via US mail to PO Box 9189, Charlotte, NC 28299
What should I do if I don't receive an invoice when expected?
The billing cycle ends at the end of each month. Invoices are sent 2-3 days
afterward. If you do not receive an invoice during the first week of the month

please call KellyLawn at 704-377-2352. You may also call anywhere within

the continental US at 1-8-MOW-MY-LAWN (1-866-969-5296).
What should I do if I notice a mistake on my invoice?
If you feel a mistake has been made on your invoice please call 704-377-2352
to speak with a representative. Please only send full amounts due unless
previously arranged with a representative. Please note: the customer
feel a agrees that questions regarding whether or not service was rendered
during a given week will be addressed by phone within 48 hours of the
planned service day. The customer also agrees that any questions regarding
the quality of services provided will be addressed by phone or email within
What if I have instructions for the crew before they arrive?
Please call 704-377-2352to discuss instructions and special requests.
Will the same crew visit my home each week?
Yes, with few exceptions, the same workers will service your home each
Will KellyLawn remove hoses, toys or other obstructions from my
lawn before working?
No we ask that the customer assume the responsibility of removing all
obstructions from turf areas before service calls.
When and how often should I water my lawn?
We ask that you not water your lawn the day before, the day of or the day
after your scheduled service. We also ask that you monitor your lawn
for areas that may be over-watered, especially if you have an automatic
irrigation system
How do I terminate service with KellyLawn?
Please notify Kellylawn of termination at least 48 hours before the desired
termination date. Please email or drop a note via
US mail to PO Box 9189, Charlotte, NC 28299
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